Photo of Kathrin Strauß an illustrator from Saarbrücken Saarland Germany.
Hey there! This is Kathrin.
Kathrin has a B.A. in Communication Design and a M.A. in Design from the University of Applied Sciences Trier. Her focus has always been on telling stories through images - be it illustration, 2D animation or comics. 
If you're looking for a motivated illustrator whose visual range includes expressive characters, lively nature scenes, cartoons and comics, you've found her. Kidlit, picture books, educational materials, caricatures, book covers and posters are her specialities. 
You'll find Kathrin in western Germany, where young forests grow on man-made mountains near winding silver rivers. For the less poetically inclined: Saarbrücken, Saarland.​​​​​​​
Oh, you're wondering about the animated logo? You've found a fun fact! That's in reference to her last name. "Strauß" means both "ostrich" and "bouquet" in German.
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